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If you would like something custom made, please email me to discuss.  Thanks for looking!         

         Pink & Brown   $12                                           Black, Pink, White & Gray  $12

       Brown & Turquoise  $12                                  Black, White & Red w/ribbon   $12

      Purple & Gold    $12                                        Black, White & Red w/flower  $12

Black, Pink, White & Gray w/heart  $12                   Purple & Gold w/flower   $12

Purple & Gold w/ribbon    $12                         Black, Pink, White & Gray w/flower  $12

 Black, White & Red w/slider  $12

Colors of Baby Wipe Case
  Paris Themed mini album   $40                                          
*****Only 1 available*******                                      

Paris Themed box card  $3
****Only 1 available****

 Stick Pins

                                                    Set 1


Set 2

Set 3


Set 4

 Set 5

 Set 6

 Set 7