Monday, April 23, 2012

Pin Cushion and Stick Pins

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share with you all my latest projects.  I made some stick pins over the weekend.  Okay....maybe a LOT of stick pins.  LOL   Once I started making them, I couldn't stop.  I made 2 of every stick pin that I made so there are a lot of them but they turned out so stinkin cute!!  I also made a pin cushion for them.  I think the pin cushion turned out too stinkin cute!  I wanted something funky and cute and this is what I came up with. 

 Let me know what you think and thanks for looking and watching the video.


  1. So pretty! You picked wondeful colors!


  2. Your stick pins are beautiful. I see you are in Matteson. I am in Plainfield which is not that far. I recently started making pins. We should get together and swap ideas. e-mail me at twin2u2 @ yahoo dot com

    1. Thank you! You're right, we're not that far from each other.